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A little about me

I first encountered the guitar sound at an early age, listening to the great tones of the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan from my parents record player. When I was 13, I discovered a guitar which had three strings in the loft that belonged to my dad. I knew from that moment on that the guitar was going to be a an important part of my life.

I started lessons as soon as I could afford to and soon enough I began playing in bands, starting with the pop-indie outfit the Lizard Kings in 1996 when I played my first gig. I have since been in a number of other bands such as The Electric Lizard Experience, Blitz Tennessee, Even Low, London Apprentice, Rosa Klebb but now I tend to devote my time to teaching the guitar. Recently I have also taken part in the Reading Primary Schools Music Festival at The Hexagon for the last two years.


So you want to learn to play the guitar or in other words – Why pick me?


I understand when learning to play the guitar everyone starts out with a different goals and ideas of what they want to achieve by learning to play this great instrument. Whether you’re inspired to learn the guitar to a professional standard or just want to learn it for a hobby, it is my job to help you achieve the goals you have set yourself.


I teach most styles of music, I can also teach you how to play scales, read guitar notation and tablature as well as learning to play music by ear. However I feel the most important factor that I can bring to you is teaching you the songs and music style(s) that you want to learn as well.
I am a member of the UK Registry of Guitar Tutors and at this present point in time I can coach you through the Prelimanary Grade, up to Grade 5 of the Registry of Guitar Tutor’s Electric Guitar exams and up to Grade 5 of the Registry of Guitar Rock Guitar Performance Grades if you are planning on taking them. I am also fully DBS checked.
I have an enthusiastic, but relaxed approach to teaching the guitar which I’m sure you will enjoy, So if you like the sound of this please get in touch and lets get you started.


Lesson material be adapted to suit Duke of Edinburgh entry’s.